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I charge per-project and per-article rates. Please get in touch with me for my rate card.

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Jan Dizon

I am a Freelance Writer from Canada, living in Southeast Asia, and am currently writing my first children’s novel based on Philippine mythology. I am available for hire for freelance writing gigs in a variety of styles to suit your target audience – you name it I can write it for you!

I write about my adventures in writing on my blog at Jan of All Trades.



Writing services I offer include :

  • SEO Articles
  • Fiction Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Web Content
  • Blog Writing
  • Magazine Features


Terms and Conditions

  1. I charge on a price-per-project basis. Price-per-project is always agreed upon in advance.
  2. Payment methods: I accept payments via Paypal unless other arrangements are agreed upon beforehand.
  3. Payment is due on receipt of invoice. Payment later than 28 days after invoicing may be considered actionable and interest charged.
  4. Copyright: I retain the right to publish extracts of my work for the purposes of self-promotion (eg. in my portfolio), unless specifically prohibited by a signed non-disclosure agreement.

A contract will generally be signed before work is undertaken. When not working under specific contract, these terms and conditions apply to all work by default. Special conditions of contract may supercede these terms and conditions only by mutual agreement of both parties.

Writing Samples


Music and Sleep

A guest blog post on Help Me To Sleep .Org how to use music to have pleasant dreams.

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Feature on FMA Pulse

A profile feature article on Guro Christophe Verdot of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali martial arts system.

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5 Tips to Keep a Garden Like a Hobbit

An unpublished article about maintaining a summer garden like a Hobbit. (External link will take you to my blog.)

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Lexi Yoga

Lexi is a Toronto-based yogini. Her blog is a fun and informative website that focuses on the healing benefits of yoga and healthy living.

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